Our Founder

OutTaskers is a startup founded in 2022 by Rafa Rojas.

He has over 30 years of experience in consulting, marketing communications, finance, and human resources across the US and Latin America markets.

OutTaskers provides outsourcing solutions for non-core business processes, optimizing operations and reducing costs while maintaining high levels of quality and customer satisfaction.

Rafa Rojas has extensive experience in marketing communications, having worked with global clients such as Diageo, BBVA, HP, Nestle, Liberty Global, Pepsi, Toyota, and Disney, as well as a variety of Latin American and local companies. He also has experience in marketing strategy consulting and business development. Currently, he is the CEO of OutTaskers.

Since 2008, Rafa has been working remotely with clients, suppliers, and contractors in Latin America, the US, Spain, and India.

Our Values

Profitability and Growth

We believe that profitable business create better societies, that is why we work to help customers be more efficient & productive.

Customer Centric

We serve companies and people as customers, they both are the reason we exist, their needs are above everything else.

Test, Learn, Accelerate

We believe and practice
“the Start Small and Expand” principle, we approach problems with a learning attitude, we do things with confidence without attitude.

Self Realization and Dignity

We believe in people and their right to realize their potential from anywhere in the world. We aspire to give people professional growth regardless of their zip code.

Meritocracy and Excellence

Excellence is the driver of our decisions.